Cold Weather Facials & Their Importance


When the weather gets cooler, your skin can get drier. In order to glow and make sure your skin looks healthy, you’ll need to adjust your skin care routine and ensure that you are getting the proper amount of hydration throughout the day and night. Facials are an excellent way to take care of your skin and are great for cold weather, making them one of the skincare essentials you need to keep in your routine.

Facials should be done at least twice each month during cold weather months, and beauty experts recommend that you work with professionals to figure out the right products for your skin. If you’re wondering about the benefits of facials during the winter, let’s look at some below.

Deep Hydration

As mentioned above, your skin has a much higher chance of getting dry when the weather is cold. Moisturizing the skin is one way to provide hydration, but low temperatures can suck moisture right out of it. Facial treatments penetrate the skin and allow products to work inside the cells and provide premium moisture that a simple moisturizer cannot.


Exfoliating the skin is important during every time of the year, getting rid of skin cells that are dead and causing skin to become rough and dry. Exfoliating stimulates skin and gets rid of dryness, refreshing the skin and making products penetrate skin much more effectively.

Blood Circulation

Facials also boost circulation in the facial blood vessels, causing a beautiful glow. Inadequate blood flow can make skin look dull, so improving this flow of blood results in a face that is bright and youthful.

Facial treatments

If you’re ready to tackle your dry skin and provide hydration throughout the cold weather months, consider getting facials from professionals at least twice every 30 days or so.