How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Hurt?


There is nothing fun about your dentist saying that you need to get a tooth extraction put on the schedule for the coming weeks. Several reasons may cause you to have to face this procedure. Maybe you have a tooth that is suffering from an infection, and it did not get better. Now your dentist thinks removing it is the best solution. It could also be due to you having wisdom teeth that must come out.

Regardless of why you have to get the tooth out, what matters is getting the tooth extraction vestal done quickly. You should schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience, as you do not want to delay the procedure. It is much better to get it out of the way. Do ensure you can book it at a time when you can get a couple of days off work. You will be in some pain and it is better if you can get bed rest for at least a day.

tooth extraction vestal

People often get scared when they are told a dentist is going to use a tool to yank a tooth out of their mouth. It does sound frightening and as though you would have a bad experience. But the reality is a bit different. Your dentist is going to give you a local anesthesia injection before the procedure. They will wait a few minutes until you feel as though your mouth is entirely numb. Then it is time to remove your tooth.

You can see your dentist working to get the tooth out as you are conscious. You will feel a little bit of a tug, but nothing more. The tooth is out and you cannot believe it happened so quickly. But that is not the end of the story, as you will be in pain after the anesthesia wears off in a few hours.