How To Prevent Tick Bites


Most often, ticks are mistaken as insects, but these are actually relatives of spiders, scorpions, and mites. Ticks can become a hindrance when it comes to fishing, hiking, or exploring nature. Tick bites may look harmless, but in worst-case scenarios, they can be deadly.

To handle tick problems professionally, you can call in commercial tick control louisville services. Sometimes tick bites can also cause you several diseases. To prevent such hassles, the following measures can be adopted.

1.  Trim Your Grass Regularly

Keeping your grass in check is the most basic thing one can do to prevent tick bites. Ticks tend to hide behind tall grasses waiting for the opportunity to find a potential host. So, trimming your garden can sometimes save your life.

2.  Wear Light-Colored Clothes

Ticks are black or brown colored species. Hence, wearing light-colored protective clothing can help them to be easily seen and can be brushed off. It’d also be better to tuck pants into boots or socks so as not to let any tick crawl up loose pant legs.

3.  Apply Insect Repellent

Use a chemical repellent containing DEET permethrin or picaridin.

4.  Keep An Eye On Pets Or Children

Check yourself, your children, and pets for ticks if exposed to any tick-infested areas and carefully remove them.

5.  Beware Of Wild Animals

Stray dogs and raccoons bring in ticks, which is why you need to discourage them from frequenting your yard.

6.  Remove Old Furniture

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Get rid of furniture, mattress, and other trash as they provide hiding places for ticks.

There are a lot of DIY ways available using which you can keep a check on ticks and prevent them from causing too much damage. A little care and attention can go a long way in preventing tick bites.