Filming And Post-Processing Your Whiteboard Animation – What You Should Know

Should you want for making a white board animation to current a terrific notion or strategy to some group of traders, it’s essential to learn to get it done skillfully. Certainly, understanding tips on how to make whiteboard animations Doodle Videos inside a professional way will not be uncomplicated.

You’ve to established up the lighting adequately along with make use of the appropriate digital camera along with the right digital camera options. Commonly, you can prevail over these hurdles nevertheless the problem arrives over the last two phases of generation, which can be filming and post-processing.


After you may have set up the lights and appropriate digital camera setting, you happen to be willing to commence filming. Assume the purpose of a director and allow your tale to unfold to create the animation glow. Use a tape of another color besides white to produce a body in your whiteboard.

This helps prevent your expertise from drawing from display. You’ll want to mark exactly where the middle of one’s frame is. Because the expertise is shut into the whiteboard, it could possibly be tricky to get a very good composition.

Prior to filming, make a shot on the grey card, you manufactured although location the digicam. Your talent could possibly be holding parts of paper with illustration drawings. Assure that this don’t appear in your digital camera. Be certain that there’s not one person standing in front of the lights for the reason that shadows can be extremely distracting.

Movie all the things even though your expertise wipes out drawings. Remain focused, while aiding your expertise together with the animation’s sequence. The lights is likely to make the room warm and everyone’s electrical power will probably be minimal so make jokes to help keep every person contemporary.


This can be the final stage with your whiteboard animation generation. It is best to make use of the configurations of the outstanding movie enhancing software program for instance Adobe after Outcomes or Final Lower Pro to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Identify your white coloration using a digital color meter as well as examining the whiteboard.

Determine also your black colour similar to the white coloration but now checking the pictures of one’s gray card. Retain adjusting the saturation, shade and publicity options to make this come about.